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The Hellflowers - Por Vida - CD Digipak

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cat# DLR1524
Release date: 7/26/19
Label: Die Laughing Records


1. Come On, Let's Dance
2. The Call
3. Those Days
4. Way You See
5. I See You
6. Tequila
7. Vacation
8. Nightmare
9. Gone Too Soon
10. Johnnie Jack And Jim

Produced and Recorded by Dave Klein Recording in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO

Christina Hellflower - Vocals / Guitar
Cat - Lead Guitar
Matt Eskew - Bass
Stevyn Grey and Mark Powell - Drums

Additional Players:
- Featuring Kris Rodgers on Piano for "Come On, Let's Dance" & "Nightmare"
- Matt Britton playing Electric Guitar on "The Call", "Johnnie, Jack & Jim" & Acoustic Guitar on "Way You See"
- Scott Sorry backing vocals on "Those Days" & "Vacation"
- Stephanie Davidson backing vocals on "Way You See" & "Gone Too Soon"
- Casey Castille backing vocals on "I See You"
- Carrot Topp plays accordion on "Tequila"
- Willie Loya plays congas on "Tequila"
- Gladys NG plays trumpet on "Tequila"
- Dave Klein plays organ on "Johnnie, Jack & Jim"


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